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At Lakeside Vision, we like to share information on eye care with our visitors. On our blog, you will find information about the latest in eye care and vision health as well as real-life scenarios we encounter every day at our practice.  We welcome your feedback at greateyecare@lakesidevision.com.

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December 2014
Dec. 22 8 Tips to Beat Winter Dry Eyes
Dec. 4 "Eye" Am Home for the Holidays - 7 Eye Tips for College Students
November 2014
Nov. 25 Do You Know the Facts About Diabetic Eye Disease?
November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. Do you know the facts?
October 2014
Oct. 31 7 Things You Should Know About Eyelid Twitches
Oct. 23 October is...
September 2014
Sep. 28 World Sight Day Challenge – No More Avoidable Blindness
Sep. 18 Protect Children's Eyes During Sports
August 2014
Aug. 27 Cutting Edge Glaucoma Technology
A futuristic, yet simplistic, eye implant paired with a smartphone app may change the way eye doctors treat glaucoma.
Aug. 24 Comfortable Vision for Back-to-school Reading
Aug. 13 Is poor vision impacting your child's education?
A young patient with vision problems serves as a reminder for all parents that proper eye care is important for children of all ages.  Read about one young patient who's seeing 20/20 thanks to one of our doctors.
Aug. 6 Eye Care Tips During Allergy Season
Allergy season is here in Northeast PA.  Dr. Neal shares some tips on how to ease the itching, watering and general discomfort that comes with the season.
Aug. 1 Protecting Your Eyes at Work
One patient's painful experience with an on-the-job eye injury serves as a reminder to wear proper eye protection.  Read about his experience in today's blog post.
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