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At Lakeside Vision, we like to share information on eye care with our visitors. On our blog, you will find information about the latest in eye care and vision health as well as real-life scenarios we encounter every day at our practice.  We welcome your feedback at greateyecare@lakesidevision.com.

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July 2015
Jul. 30 Guidelines For Picking the Right Pair of Shades
Jul. 24 6 Things You Need To Know About Cataracts
Jul. 21 What You Need to Know About Firework Eye Safety
May 2015
May. 29 5 Ways to Ensure Healthy Vision
May. 17 What Women Need to Know About Eye Health
April 2015
Apr. 30 Enjoying Life During Eye Allergy Season
Apr. 27 Roseanne Barr's blindness and how to prevent her diseases
 In an interview with The Daily Beast, the 62-year-old comic talked about her struggle with macular degeneration and glaucoma...
March 2015
Mar. 31 Can you Really Go Blind from Looking at a Solar Eclipse?
Mar. 19 10 Steps to Prevent Vision Loss
Mar. 11 Refocus on the Digital Age with Computer Glasses
February 2015
Feb. 12 Living With Low Vision
January 2015
Jan. 27 Under Pressure: Are you at Risk for Glaucoma?
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