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Is poor vision impacting your child's education?

The other day on our Facebook wall, I posted an article about how vision directly impacts how well your child does in school and why doctors recommend your child's first vision screening be done at 6 months of age.  

The article is a good read for all parents as it also describes some tell-tale signs that your child is having vision problems.  One of our patients noticed that her child was having difficulty reading and immediately scheduled an appointment with one of our doctors.

"Today we had a 12 year old patient who was having trouble reading.  In addition to a comprehensive eye exam, we performed additional testing to determine why she has trouble reading.  The patient was unable to adjust her focusing from near to far or back again.  When she was reading in school and looked up, the board and teacher would be fuzzy for about 30 seconds.  When she looked down to read, the book was fuzzy for about 30 seconds.  We prescribed special progressive lenses and her reading speed literally doubled.  What a rewarding day for our staff at Lakeside Vision."

At Lakeside Vision, we offer comprehensive eye exams for children and adults - even the real young ones!  Give our office a call at 570-226-1300 and schedule a visit today.

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