Color Deficiency / Enchroma Lenses

Up to 12% of Men Live With Some Form of Color blindness. EnChroma Lenses Offer an Affordable and Effective Solution

Over the years, many products have been released that claim to be a “cure” for color blindness. Until recently, these products were widely dismissed as being snake oil. EnChroma Lenses are an entirely different story, being clinically and empirically proven to aid those with color blindness in seeing color.

EnChroma is quick to point out that their lenses are an optical assistive device and not a cure. In that respect they are right: their lenses do not cure color blindness. However, for someone who is red/green color blind, the difference in language amounts to little more than semantics. The end result is a significant, sometimes massive, improvement in the wearers ability to see and differentiate color.

It’s hard to properly convey the impact that seeing color in its most vibrant form can have on someone who has never seen it before. If you live with color deficiency, we invite you to come see for yourself. More than we can describe with words on a screen, seeing is truly believing.

People with red/green color deficiency have a physical cause for their deficiency: the cone cells, responsible for color vision. Either the L-cone absorbs too much green light (called a protan deficiency), or the M-cone absorbs too much red light (called a deutan deficiency). In either case, the end result is an altered perception of color.

Enchroma lenses help solve this problem by distinctly separating the wavelengths of light that reach the eye, in effect “driving a wedge” between the L and M-cone cells, enabling your brain to better differentiate colors. The spectral overlap that occurs as a result of the cone cells misbehaving is what is responsible for red/green color blindness. In effect, the brain is receiving incorrect data from the eye. EnChroma lenses sort that data out, providing filtered data that the brain can correctly interpret and display.
For someone who is not color deficient, they would see an effect similar to that of other polarized lenses: colors are more vibrant; they “pop” more. For someone with color deficiency, the effect is difficult to describe. How do you describe seeing green, purple, teal, or burgundy for the first time? For some, it is only a slight enhancement that they notice; for others, EnChroma lenses provide the ability to truly experience color for the first time. Thousands of videos like this one and this one show many people reacting to wearing EnChroma lenses for the first time. If you’re curious, come visit us and try a pair on for yourself.
EnChroma first offered their lenses in the form of sunglasses. Today, you can get a range of lenses for both prescription and nonprescription applications available with or without tint. You can purchase a pair of EnChroma glasses off the shelf, or you can pick out a pair of frames and have EnChroma lenses fitted to them. In either case, we will ensure that you EnChroma glasses fit comfortably.

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