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Contact Lenses in Hawley, PA

Finding the right contact lens is the difference between comfortable vision correction and lenses that irritate your eye or are uncomfortable to wear. We’d be happy to do your exam and fit you for contacts lenses in Hawley, PA.

Lakeside Vision offers a wide variety of contact lenses in Hawley, PA.

Contact lenses are perhaps one of the most important developments in eye care. Offering corrective vision without any change to your appearance, they are a great choice for people who cannot or simply do not want to wear eyeglasses.

Developments in contact lens technology have yielded contact lenses for nearly every prescription, including difficult and multifocal prescriptions. Advancements in contact lens fitment and materials have also resulted in lenses that are more comfortable than ever before.

If you a considering contacts, or are looking to have your prescription renewed, we invite you book an appointment today.

While many people assume that getting into contact lenses is as simple as buying a pair, the reality is that testing needs to be done to ensure that contact lenses are suitable for your prescription and your eyes. When we assess your eyes and prescription for contact lens eligibility, we are looking at their fit and comfort as well as their ability to provide corrected vision.
During the exam we will assess your overall eye health. Assuming that everything looks good, we will then look at your eyes to determine their candidacy for contacts. During this assessment we are looking at the size and shape of your eyes, as well as testing to determine if contacts will properly correct your vision. The initial exam generally lasts around an hour. Assuming that your eyes and prescription are suited for contacts, we will book a follow up appointment walk you through contact lens insertion/removal as well as to set you up with a trial pair of lenses.
If you have never worn contact lenses before, please bring:
  • Your most recent eyeglass prescription
  • Your current glasses
  • A copy of your most recent eye exam (if available). In order to be applicable for contacts you must have had an eye exam within the last two years. If you are a patient at our practice, we will have this on record.
If you currently wear contacts, please bring:
  • Your most recent eyeglass prescription
  • Your most recent contact lens prescription
  • Your current eyeglasses
  • A copy of your most recent eye exam (if available). In order to be applicable for contacts you must have had an eye exam within the last two years.
The TRS-5100 generates extremely accurate and reliable results, offering patients a glasses prescription using 100% digital instrumentation.

More Info About Contact Lenses in Hawley, PA

Like eyeglasses, annual exams are required when wearing contact lenses.

During the comprehensive eye exam, our Optometrists will check your eyes to determine if they are candidates for contact lenses or not. If you are a candidate, we will provide a pair of trial lenses suited for comfort/correction.

A follow-up appointment is necessary for us to determine how well the trial lenses worked for you. If the trial lenses were uncomfortable, failed to properly correct your vision, or introduced new complications, we will try a different pair. It is not uncommon for several follow-up appointments before nailing down the right lenses.

Contact lenses are ideally suited for people who live active lifestyles or have a job where eyeglasses are not able to be worn.

There are many different types of contact lenses, including soft contact lenses, lenses for astigmatism, and rigid gas-permeable contact lenses. There are also more specialized lenses, such as a therapeutic, bifocal, or cosmetic options.

The answer to this depends on the type of contact lens you wear. Many lenses are designed to be disposed of daily, while others may last for up to a year with proper care.

We will provide you proper usage, care, and replacement instructions when we finalize your prescription.

With the right type and fitment of contact lenses, it is unlikely that you will experience complications when wearing contact lenses. However, complications (such as irritated eyes) can occur.

We work closely with you during the initial transition from eyeglasses to contacts. During this time we are closely monitoring your eyes and comfort, ensuring that we find a good fit.

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