We Can Help You Manage Your Low Vision
and Enjoy a Higher Quality of Life

Low vision is the term used to describe vision impairment that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication, or eye surgery. It represents significant loss of vision. Approximately 2.1% of Americans live with low vision.

Vision impairment that cannot be corrected via corrective lenses or surgery is generally a result of an eye disease like age-related macular degeneration or glaucoma. Identifying the cause of your vision impairment is important in preventing further vision loss.

Low vision is more common in adults and seniors, though many people are born with it or suffer from low vision at a young age due to injury or illness.

While there is no “cure” for low vision, management techniques and devices are available to provide assistance for visually disabled people; many tools are available to help people living with low vision live independently and overcome their visual challenges.

The first step in diagnosing low vision is a comprehensive eye exam. During the exam we will conduct a series of tests designed to give us perspective on your field of vision and level of acuity. We will walk you through the tests we are performing, the equipment we use, and what we are looking for. During the exam we employ extremely precise equipment, like our Spectralis OCT and Zeiss Matrix. Our use of these advanced technologies give us the ability to better understand your quality of vision as well as precisely diagnose any present eye diseases/conditions.

The most common cause of low vision is AMD (age-related macular degeneration), though there are numerous other causes that are a result of lifestyle factors, overall health, and luck. These include:

  • Birth defects – Many people are born with low vision
  • Inherited diseases
  • Injuries – Physical trauma can cause numerous eye conditions, from mechanical damage to retinal detachment
  • Diabetes – Diabetic retinopathy is a major cause of low vision among people living with diabetes
  • Glaucoma – Glaucoma, especially when left unmanaged (or improperly managed), will eventually cause low vision
  • Cataracts – Severe cataracts can cause low vision, though they may be treatable via cataract removal surgery
  • Aging – Primarily marked by the progression of refractive errors like presbyopia and AMD
Many people fall into an emotional slump once the reality of low vision sets in. Certainly, it presents new challenges and significant lifestyle changes. However, we work with our patients to assist them in managing and living with low vision. This can include emotional support (via counsellors/therapists, support groups, etc.) and assistive devices that magnify and enhance what the user is looking to see or read. These devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and are a powerful tool once the user understands how to leverage them.
From our Hawley location we can leverage some of the most advanced optometric equipment available today. Combined with extensive experience and an unrelenting focus on the well-being of our patients, we are your dedicated partner in ocular health. If you have concerns about your vision or are looking for ways to manage and cope with low vision, we are here to help you.

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