Annual Eye Exams Are Recommended For All Seniors Over Age 60

As we age our eyes undergo significant change. From inevitable conditions like presbyopia and cataracts, to the development of vision-damaging diseases like glaucoma, there is good reason to stay on top of your ocular health.

We are your partners in lifelong ocular health. Our sole focus is on preserving your eyesight and providing you excellent quality of care.

As strong believers in preventative eye care, we feel it important to connect with our patients. Meeting with us for an annual eye exam will help us keep a detailed log of your vision quality and overall eye health. As vision loss can typically only be prevented as opposed to reversed, we take our role as healthcare providers seriously.

If you have concerns about your vision, or if it’s been awhile since your last eye exam, we invite you to book an appointment with us today.

Our eye exams are fast and comprehensive. Most exams are completed within an hour. Due to our extensive use of high-tech diagnostic equipment, we are able to test with greater accuracy in less time than what was possible just a few years ago.

We are committed to providing Hawley with the very best in modern eye care. Using equipment like the Optos Wide Field Digital Retinal Camera and the Spectralis OCT, we are able to take precise and extremely detailed measurements of the eye and optic nerve.

This equipment lets us clearly see developing eye diseases and associated conditions sooner and with greater accuracy. Almost all eye diseases respond favorably to early detection and treatment; we continuously invest in new equipment and technology in order to ensure we are providing the best possible care for our patients.

The TRS-5100 generates extremely accurate and reliable results, offering patients a glasses prescription using 100% digital instrumentation.

As you can imagine, this statistic is weighted heavily towards the senior population.

Diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic eye disease, and glaucoma are more likely to form as we age. Physical conditions, such as presbyopia and cataracts, are also likely to develop as we age.

Many Eye Diseases Initially Develop Asymptomatically

This means that they progress without displaying symptoms, or at least symptoms that would be immediately obvious. For example, many people developing glaucoma don’t notice its progression until they are experiencing the onset of tunnel vision. It is because of diseases like glaucoma that we (as Optometrists) are relentless in our messaging about the importance of preventative eye care.

Annual eye exams provide regular opportunities to monitor changes in your eye. These changes can often be subtle – a nearly-invisible change in blood vessel formation on the retina, for example – but catastrophic if left unmanaged.

Even if you are not experiencing obvious changes to your vision, we strongly recommend annual eye exams.

Living With Cataracts? Surgery May Be A Good Option

Almost all people will develop cataracts as they age. This is a result of your eye’s lens clouding or discoloring. For most people, their development is simply a matter of time.

While there are eye drops (and other non-surgical treatments) currently undergoing testing, only cataract removal surgery is approved by the FDA as a treatment for cataracts. This surgery is also one of the most common performed in America, with millions of people receiving the surgery every year.

Learn more about how we diagnose and treat cataracts.

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