Sports & Speciality Eyewear

We Carry a Full Selection of Sports & Speciality Protective Eyewear, Designed to Enhance Your Vision and Protect Your Eyes

Specialty eyewear is about more than protecting your eyes, though that function plays a vital role in their design. For athletes, sports glasses/goggles can provide a competitive edge, boosting performance. We carry a full selection of sports eyewear and other specialty eyewear designed to improve your performance and keep you safe.

We are strong advocates for protecting our eyes whenever possible. Whether you’re on the slopes or rounding the infield, the protective benefit offered by the appropriate eyewear is immense. However, did you also know that it’s been proven that application-specific sports eyewear can improve your performance?

Sports eyewear works to enhance your athletic performance by reducing glare, polarizing colors, enhancing acuity, and greatly reducing irritation from wind and debris.

We offer a full range of specialty eyewear, from goggles for the slopes to prescription eyewear that offer you the protective benefits of safety equipment without compromising your visual acuity.

How can a pair of glasses or goggles improve your performance on the green or out in the field? Simply put, purpose-built eyewear designed to enhance performance uses quite a few tricks: specific tinting, polarization, and isolation from wind and airborne particulates (to name a few). A 2003 study conducted in Britain found that athletes that required corrective vision performed markedly worse without the appropriate correction present in their eyewear. Tennis players returned 62% more balls off-target, and target shooters missed 25% more frequently.

This sobering statistic highlights the value and importance of high-performance protective eyewear.

We will ensure that your eyewear meets your performance, safety, and comfort requirements. We’re specialists: this is what we do.

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