The Top Eye Conditions Your Eye Doctor MUST Screen You For to Avoid Damage to Your Eyes, and Keep Them Healthy and Vibrant.

Why We Exist

The main reason we exist is You! We provide care first because we believe when we take care of you, everything else follows.

We are here to to give you the very best in eye care.  But we don’t stop there… Often we go above and beyond what a standard optometrist would do for their patients.

Because of the thorough and advanced eye tests you receive as standard with us, we have helped patients identify life threatening conditions such as diabetes, which has a direct relation to your eye health.

Because your body is connected in so many ways, if we see a condition that is urgent, we will tell you so you get that treated first!

We Care – Eye Care First

We care, and that’s why we believe everyone has the right to the very best in eye care.

We provide eye care not just for our amazing patients, but we also help people in prison too. Our outreach program helps hundreds of people who wouldn’t be able to get eye care each year.

You’ll see better – because we care!

Every Patient Is Special

You are an individual. You are special, and so are your love ones. And we treat you that way.

As we say “It’s not your Father’s eye exam!”…

You don’t get a standard “one size fits all” treatment with us. You get tailored eye care that’s specific to you and your needs.

We match glasses and contacts so they match your needs, not the other way around.

Schedule your appointment now to get the very best for you.

Awarded For Helping You

It was an honor for Lakeside Vision’s Dr. Amy Neal to be awarded “Best Optometrist” (from Happenings Magazine) – as voted by our very happy customers in Northeast PA – at the Happie Awards.

The Happie Awards are presented to businesses and organizations with the happiest customers in Northeast PA.

Our Brands

“My first time at the optometrist, and I couldn't recommend Lakeside Vision any higher. Everyone from the moment I walked in until the time I left made me feel at ease. I waited basically no time despite a very busy office. Everyone explained everything to me very well. I will mostly definitely return and recommend this location to my friends and family.”

Eric S.

“Loved everyone from start to finish. The doctor and staff are very knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. The location is easy to get to, and the office is very warm and inviting. Would highly recommend Lakeside Vision to anyone.”

Dawn M.

“One of the best offices I have ever been to in Pennsylvania. Great staff that is supported by great doctors. If you are looking for an eye doctor then I highly recommend lakeside vision!”

Edwin R.

“My husband had his first appointment yesterday, and was very pleased with the services provided. The staff were knowledgeable and very friendly! Our son had been the first to visit the office last year. Thanks for another great experience! It's obvious that this office takes the time to educate their staff about quality care!”

Douglas H.

“I was taken care of wonderfully. I was made to understand everything that was done and what the reason was needed. My vision problems were summed up for me and the glasses were ordered for me to correct the problems with my vision. I am very happy that we are back with Lakeside Vision.”

Roger R.

Latest Eyecare Technology

NEW! Opticwash Kiosk

Opticwash is basically a carwash for your eyeglasses. It fully cleans and scrubs your glasses, getting rid of all that nasty bacteria and gunk that builds up on your frames.

Opticwash is a Florida-based kiosk technology company, that has developed the world’s first fully-automated self-serve kiosk that cleans and removes 99% of bacteria on eyewear, jewelry, watches, and smartphones. 

State-of-the-art sensor technology effectively detects, completely cleans and dries the item in less than two minutes.

It leaves your glasses with no scratches, no streaks.